The entire DS line of stuff was just indestructible. I have a DS game cart, I think it's Hoshigami, I have accidentally washed that son of a bitch repeatedly in the laundry, I think it's gone through the cycle like 3-4 times now, and it has never died. » 7/24/14 10:40pm Yesterday 10:40pm

Yeah... I can see that, how most low level accounts are actually high level people 'smurfing' to level up new accounts to face inferior opponents. It's pretty sad, really, but it's a fantastic game once you get to higher levels where you'll (usually) find a more mature playerbase. » 7/22/14 9:48pm Tuesday 9:48pm

I honestly really like the city of Dubai. It's basically what the Middle East would be like if Islam didn't have such a tight grip on things, and instead everything was capitalism. It's just a crazy, out of this world place. Yeah, they utterly abuse worker's rights, yeah, they have obscene amounts of money, but… » 7/12/14 7:01am 7/12/14 7:01am

Honestly, your rebuttal was pretty much shit. I have to say, as an editor, you are absolutely nothing compared to Stephen Totilo over at Kotaku. I might not see eye to eye with him, but at least he's capable of intelligent and rational discourse with his reader base. Seeing you guys get called out like that with… » 7/07/14 12:01am 7/07/14 12:01am