So, what I'm getting out of this article is a deep, deep jealousy for people like Chris Berman and Peter King who, for the most part, do the same things you do (well, Berman does a ton more, I'm sure if you had to actually speak in front of a camera, you'd look pretty dumb), but have about 1000 times the popularity… » 9/09/14 2:06pm 9/09/14 2:06pm

Yeah, but in this case, if you actually do sign a contract that you're renting out your uterus to a couple looking for kids, if they each use sperm and egg, then those are *not* your children in your womb. You signed a contract, you're getting paid to rent out your oven, but you didn't supply any of the materials for… » 8/02/14 6:00pm 8/02/14 6:00pm

No, she could have kicked him in a balls. I don't care who you are, from the smallest man to if you're the fucking Mountain from Game of Thrones, if you get kicked in the balls, and particularly if she started smacking at him afterwards, ANY man is going to lash out after that. » 7/31/14 9:54pm 7/31/14 9:54pm