Typical Grayson article. PAX goes out of their way to make a spot where anyone, regardless of any differences they have from 'the crowd' can feel safe and secure, they place it where it's less noisy and boisterous, and you still manage to give the article an overall negative view.

You need to get over yourself, and… » 4/21/14 6:57pm Monday 6:57pm

I could place the blame on a lack of 3rd party support on the N64, or on the Gamecube, because those systems were at least as powerful, if not more so, than the other systems in their respective generations.

But with the Wii and Wii U, Nintendo themselves have dropped the ball on system making. No developer wants to… » 4/21/14 10:26am Monday 10:26am

Oh lord, I have a good one from middle school. Well, we all played a PE game that was basically just indoor kickball, pretty normal stuff(other than you had to round the "bases" twice because it was a pretty small gym , but if you hit the upper wall, it was a home run. I never hit home runs, because I wasn't a big kid,… » 4/17/14 7:33pm Thursday 7:33pm

Uh, no. They need as many as can do the job. That same standard goes for many jobs. Like firefighter. Who do you want to come rescue you when your house is ablaze? 5'2", 115 pound woman who is a firefighter due to equality, or a 6'2, 230 pound rack of muscle who can haul you out of an inferno with one hand tied behind… » 4/16/14 5:04pm 4/16/14 5:04pm

Exactly how I felt. Sure, I'd win some games. But more often than not, I'd be like "Man. This game is going really well. I've got a couple dozen marines, some marauders, a few medivacs, some siege tank action going on. I think I'll go try to kill that other fucker."

I leave my base, seconds later, 700 goddamn banelings… » 4/14/14 11:31pm 4/14/14 11:31pm

It is incredibly unlikely that you'd need an 8 core to get this quality. Games nowadays just simply are not optimized for 8 cores, and they're finally starting to actually utilize 4 cores. Realistically, you're probably a bit off on the price, I'm sure you could run this with an good i5-i7 quad, gtx 780, and 8GB DDR3.… » 4/10/14 9:06pm 4/10/14 9:06pm

I am an avid player of League, and I'm sorry, but the in game acknowledgement isn't really much of anything outside of levels 1-29. I got an 'Honorable Opponent' Ribbon once, and subsequently lost it when I raged at a 0/∞ Akali or something stupid.

The only thing my friends and I used to use it for was spamming each… » 4/09/14 8:12pm 4/09/14 8:12pm

I would actually move Jayce up to God Tier at least. My friend did a Jayce build of LW, IE, BT BT BT BT, and by end game had 600-ish AD with perma 2.5 AS shots doing 120% damage, and Shock Blasts doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 1300 damage, being able to fire 2 of them per Accel gate, which was on a 3-4 second… » 4/03/14 8:57am 4/03/14 8:57am

The day they give me a beautiful HD F-Zero complete with more features and badass modes than GX is the day I drop cash on a Wii U. You see, Nintendo isn't even getting the people who don't have to make a choice. Up til now, I have *always* made sure to have a Nintendo system in my home for the games, but the neglect of … » 4/03/14 8:50am 4/03/14 8:50am